Optimize your RNA secondary structure with RNAHeliCes. Click here to get started.

RNAHeliCes is a computational tool used to analyze RNA folding space. RNA molecules can fold into a variety of structures, and understanding the folding process is important for studying their biological functions. RNAHeliCes uses a simplified representation of RNA structures, in which each structure is abstracted using position-specific helices. This approach allows RNAHeliCes to analyze large RNA datasets efficiently, by reducing the complexity of the structures and focusing on their most important features.

The method behind RNAHeliCes was developed by a team of researchers led by Jiabin Huang, Rolf Backofen, and Björn Voß. The work was published in the scientific journal RNA in 2012, and the paper is titled "Abstract folding space analysis based on helices." The paper describes the method in detail, including how the helix-based abstraction is implemented and how it can be used to analyze RNA folding space. We also provide examples of how RNAHeliCes can be used to analyze RNA molecules with known structures, and how it can be used to predict the structures of RNA molecules with unknown structures.

Align Sequences with MUSCLE. Click here to get started.

MUSCLE (Multiple Sequence Comparison by Log-Expectation) is a software program used for multiple sequence alignment of nucleotide or protein sequences. It is a fast and efficient program that can align large numbers of sequences with high accuracy. It was developed by Robert C. Edgar, who first described it in a paper titled "MUSCLE: multiple sequence alignment with high accuracy and high throughput" published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research in 2004.

Protein Charge Calculator. Click_here to get started.

The ProteinChargeCalculator is a web application that allows users to input amino acid sequences and calculates the net charge and charged amino acid proportion of proteins based on a predefined set of charge values for each amino acid type.

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